Keeping Good Company

We noticed, during an internet search, that Crane stationery was quite popular among the prominent ladies and gentlemen of 1898. From The American Stationer:

A few noted people and the paper they use: Collated from leading stationers who have kindly furnished us with the information. It goes to show how popular our papers are with the leading people in every field in life.

Mrs. Ex-President Cleveland uses Crane’s Blue Bond 21.

Mrs. George Gould, nee Edith Kingdon, uses Crane’s Grecian Antique 20 for her choice correspondence and the Crane’s Super Cream stock for her ordinary notes.

Mrs. Cyrus Field is another great admirer of Crane’s Grecian Antique, which she says suits her style of writing.

Jay Gould’s daughter uses Crane’s Blue Buckram Bond, a stub pen being her favorite for writing.

The ladies of the Bonaparte family in Baltimore use Crane’s Parchment Vellum 70, and write with the large fashionable hand. The paper is stamped with their crest in gold, and consists of two stars in shield, and bars accosted, surmounted with a crown, the emblem of royalty.

Mrs. William B. Astor has long used Crane’s Extra Superfine, and will have no other.

Madame Modjeska has a decided preference for Crane’s Bond and Parchment Vellum, and oscillates between the two.

General A.S. Webb had adopted Crane’s Kid Finish Cream as his preference.

The ladies of Ex-Mayor Hewitt’s family all use Crane’s Extra Superfine White Wove.

Mrs. Senator Stockbridge’s notes are on Crane’s Silver Gray paper in the extra superfine.

Miss Dorothy Phillips, the celebrated Washington beauty, thinks Crane’s Old Style the best paper made, and prefers it.

General Schofield endorses her opinion and Crane’s Old Style always bears his autograph.

W.J. Florence, the actor, writes easily on Crane’s Old Style, which he thinks is great, and Joseph Jefferson, “Old Rip Van Winkle,” prefers Crane’s Silver Gray Super 60.

The Legation of Japan all use Crane’s Extra Superfine White Wove.

A.G. Bell, Esq., of telephone fame, cares only for Crane’s Extra Super 80 Pound.

Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge prefers Crane’s Distaff.

Senator Edmunds, of Vermont, also prefers Crane’s Distaff.

Hon. William M. Evarts has long used Distaff and will have no other.

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