About Crane’s Bond

A series of stories by Peter Hopkins, director of the Crane Museum and Center for the Paper Arts, documenting the bond between the history of  the United States, a great American company and the family at its helm since 1770.

This is a work in progress that will eventually become a history in two volumes. Stories in Volume I are derived from the ledger of The Liberty Paper Mill in Milton, Mass., operated by Vose, Lewis & Crane from 1770-1793. Given the timeframe, its location, its owners and its customers, The Liberty Paper Mill was more than a business where paper was made. It was a place where American history was made.

I chose to tell the story of The Liberty Paper Mill, not from a traditional history format, based on events in chronological order, but rather from the lives and deeds of its customers. As you read along, you will recognize some names – others not, but you will recognize all of their contributions to American independence and the early growth of The United States.

Welcome, and please feel free to comment and add more history.

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