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Fearless Ladies

fealess ladies

You might have noticed the asterisk next to the name of Elizabeth Russell in the previous story. I believe she was the sister of Benjamin Russell, printer of Boston’s Columbian Sentinel.

As I noted earlier, it was now personal, and Elizabeth was not the only woman to put herself on the line. They may or may not have been customers of The Liberty Paper Mill, but it’s most appropriate to appreciate and acknowledge these fearless ladies. I have endeavored to get the spellings correct, but some were very hard to read.

Catherine Thompson

Rebecca Walker

Elizabeth Clark

Mary Williams

Elizabeth Nowell

Mary Force

Charlotte Dorr

Elizabeth Greenleaf

Abigail Greenleaf

Ann Hall

Margaret Rawson

Lydia Larmon

Suzanna Renkin

Ann Nolton

Mary Alexander

Martha Park

Abigail Whitney

Suzanna Chambers

Rebecca Thomas

Elizabeth Rickard

Ruth Sinclair

Hannah Ross

Mary Angus

Sally Allen

Elizabeth Parker

Susannah Stevens

Margaret Freeman

Margaret Jepson

Bridget Bridgewater

Rebecca Edes

Ruth Thompson

Sarah Bean

Elizabeth Franklin

Eliza Smith

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